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Warts are the external evidence of a viral infection rooted deep in the skin and they require professional treatment to eliminate them. The team at Brevard Medical Dermatology in Viera/Melbourne, Titusville and Merritt Island, FL, uses state-of-the-art techniques to get rid of warts and destroy the virus that causes them.

Warts Q & A

What causes warts?

Warts are abnormal skin growths caused by a virus. The virus enters the skin through a very tiny opening like a cut or scratch, then migrates to the deeper layers of the skin where it multiplies and forms the warty growth we see on the top of the skin. Most warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), a huge family of more than 100 viruses. Human papillomaviruses are extremely common, and the skin warts they cause are also very common.

Are warts contagious?

Yes, warts are caused by a virus that can be passed from one person to another. They’re most commonly contracted by touching surfaces infected by the virus, most often surfaces touched or handled by someone who has warts.

How are warts treated?

Several methods are available for the treatment of warts, and the method used will depend on the size and location of the wart, as well as other factors. Some warts may be treated using prescription-strength topical medications or even oral medications that treat viral infections systemically. Often, warts can be removed by “freezing” them off, using direct and precise application of super-cold liquid nitrogen to destroy the wart and the virus that causes it. Freezing is very effective and can be completed right in the office. Multiple warts can be treated in one session. Once treatment is complete, blisters will form over the site as part of the natural healing process. Some warts may be removed with a technique called electrocautery that uses heat to destroy the tissue and the virus.

Is it OK to treat warts using over-the-counter products from a drugstore?

Warts have very deep roots, and while an over-the-counter product may appear to be effective in eradicating the superficial or visible part of a wart, they’re rarely strong enough to penetrate to the deep root portion, which means warts will recur and even spread over time. Plus, because some types of skin cancer can cause skin irregularities that may look like a wart, it’s always best to have any wart-like growth evaluated by a dermatologist to ensure you receive the most appropriate care.

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