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Brevard Medical Dermatology serves residents living in the Merritt Island, Titusville, and Viera, Florida communities. The professional staff at the facility offer a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to reduce the signs of aging and lighten skin discolorations. IPL or intense light pulse therapy reduces the visible appearance of both age spots and blemishes.


What is IPL therapy?

IPL is another term for "intense pulse light" therapy. This type of therapy is non-invasive and doesn’t destroy layers of skin like a chemical peel or ablation procedure. As a person ages, their skin goes through dramatic changes. The natural oils begin to disappear and its elasticity decreases causing fine lines and wrinkles to form. Intense pulse light therapy uses laser light technology to break up deposits of pigments that collect over time causing age spots and skin discoloration. IPL rejuvenates the skin, toning the tissues underneath and allowing the skin to tighten gradually. Laser light technology offers very few side effects and long lasting results. It can be used to correct imperfections as well as fend off the effects of aging.

Are the effects of IPL therapy permanent?

Although IPL therapy results are long lasting, they may not be permanent. To obtain the full effects of the laser light technique anywhere from 3-5 treatments are necessary. Results will begin to appear within a few weeks of the first procedure. Treatments are scheduled roughly 6 weeks apart allowing the tissues to rejuvenate and begin the healing process. The increase in the production of collagen and elastin takes place over time making the visible changes gradual. The more treatments a person receives, the longer the effects will last. Additional treatments may be added over the following months to help sustain the renewed tone and texture of the skin.

Who should avoid IPL therapy?

IPL is not the right treatment for every condition, nor is it beneficial for all skin types. Although it offers many benefits for individuals with skin discolorations and damage caused by the aging process, individuals with darker skin tones or very tanned skins may not receive positive results from the treatment. IPL breaks up pigmentation lightening sun spots and dark spots or blemishes that begin to appear as the person ages. Pregnant women and individuals who are taking the medication Acutane® should avoid IPL procedures. If  you’re considering an IPL procedure, it’s important to discuss all of the options with a doctor. The highly trained doctors at Brevard Medical Dermatology will go over all of the risks and benefits of the procedure and help identify any potential contraindications that may be present.

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At Brevard Medical Dermatology, we accept most major insurance plans including Medicare. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed. Our experienced billing staff and hi-tech software will settle your account correctly the first time to avoid bills and over-payment.

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